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Are you a landlord?

A guaranteed rental income for your property 
How it works
  • Contact us to talk about your financial goals 
  • Our teams will guide you through the entire process 
  • Give us more information about your property to obtain a rental income estimate
  • Receive a guaranteed monthly rental income directly into your bank account
What we do
  • Nice ROOM will rent your flat with a 3/6/9 contract , with the guarranty of an uninterrupted income for the whole length of the contract​
  • We furnish your flat with modern and brand new furniture
  • If needed, our teams can renovate your flat before renting it to optimize your income, all under your control and approval
  • We select for you the best tenants 
  • Our teams take care of your flat so you get it back in the same conditions as you gave us - or in even better conditions!
Why choose Nice ROOM
    A guaranteed income for the whole duration of the contract
✔    0% management fee
✔    Optimized rental income
✔    Professional property management 
✔    Professional maintenance and repairs