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Being ourselves former university sutdents, we know that living in a shared flat can be a wonderful experience. However, most of the time, especially in France, home owners only provide students with old and underfurnished flats while asking for many guarantees.


To finally provide a good and suitable solution to students, we have created Nice ROOM, which offers the best room sharing experience in Nice (and soon in every city of France).

How, you may ask? We look for the best available flats to rent on the market, renovate them entirely to provide you with fully furnished and modern flats. Each one is unique given its district: you can book a room in a beautiful art-déco building a few meters from the sea or one just a few minutes from your university. We are certain we have something that will match your desires and criteria.

To help you, we offer an "all inclusive" formula which includes your rent, the weekly cleaning fees and all living charges. Just book a room, take a look at our list of good places to go out in Nice and enjoy your new life in the capital city of the Riviera...we take care of EVERYTHING!

Traditional rent

  • Totally refurbished flats including all the furniture you could think about

The rooms

  • Old, usually decorated by a grand mother (not to say that we don't like our grandma...but just saying)

The contract

  • Flexible contract

    • 1 month notice to end contract

    • 1 month security deposit

  • Lack of flexibility (9 month contract, not available in the summer)

  • Excessive guaratees

The cleaning

  • Weekly cleaning included in the price you pay

  • We all know what happened last time your parents visited your flat shared with your buddies

  • Rent price includes all the charges (no hidden cost, nothing)

The charges

  • Hidden charges 

  • Electricity, gaz, TV-internet, water, taxes, insurance… the final price you pay may be much higher 


  • We take care of it don't worry

  • You have to pay extra account opening and termination costs (and you loose so much time!)


  • Always here for you (whatsapp, email or phone)

  • Highly depends on the owner of the flat...too risky 

  • Often, owners don't like to rent to people who ask for social benefits (given some shadowy French regulation)

Social benefits

  • You can have access to the social benefits you deserve