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Choosing your area

It is time to get to know your new city

Finding good accommodation in Nice can be challenging. First, you need to decide which area you prefer. Let me start by saying that Nice is overall a very safe town, so you can’t really go wrong, despite we suggest you avoid the streets around of the train station. Having said that, finding accommodation in certain areas will probably help you make the best of your experience, especially if you only plan to stay a few months. Here are a few tips!

Vieux Nice

Our recommendation
✔ Perfect for short-time stay

Vieux Nice (★★★)

Narrow streets, colourful houses, many little shops and (some) bars open until late.

Temptation to settle in the vieux Nice is huge. It is also a pedestrian area, and the place is only few minutes away..

So why should you settle farther? Although it is easy to fall under its charm, the area can become extremely touristic, in particular during summer.

More over, apartments are often old, rooms tiny and probably shadowy unless you go up to the 4th of 5th floor (no, they did not have lift at that time so be ready).

City center (★★★★)

Good choice! It is the heart of the new Nice. Proximity to restaurants, shops and clubs will make your life easier.

However, "center" is a pretty broad concept, and you have to be careful. Musicians, Carré d'Or and the neighbourhood above La Coulée Verte, and of course The Promenade are excellent choices because of their positioning, but finding a home can be complicated (and expensive).


Moreover, we suggest you to avoid the streets immediately southern or northern to the train station (rue Trachel, rue Vernier, for example). These are not necessarily dangerous but in the evening they are not always well attended. That's why if you are willing to spend a few euros more per month, it will make the difference

Centre ville

Our recommendation
✔ Perfect if you want to stay > 6 months
Choice of the "best area" of the center

Port (★★★★)

Living in the port is a more "authentic" experience. 


Yes, you are still very central. Yes, it will only take you 3 minutes to lie on the beach. The port has many advantages while being less noisy and touristy than The Promenade.


The port maintains a rather relaxed atmosphere. In addition, it is only a few minutes walk from the city center and the perfect location if you work in Monaco because of the proximity to the Riquier train station.

Regarding your outings, the port will offer you plenty of opportunities whether you are hipster or not along the Rue Cassini, around the Place du Pin, or at the edge of the water.

Le Port

Our recommendation
Ideal for its proximity to the center
Perfect if you work in Monaco

Liberation (La Libé) (★★★)

From the train station, continue walking north through Vernier (La Libé), a somewhat shady place, which promises to become a reality.  

The neighbourhood is changing and is developing around the new place of liberation. He combined the local and the hipster, with a pinch of chic.  

Chances are your room will be a little larger than average, and you could still be lucky and find your crib in a stately building from the Belle Epoque. We suggest that you seriously consider Libé if you are studying Valrose.  

Okay, you will not go to the beach in 10 nanoseconds but, hey, it's not that far anyway.

Our recommendation
Perfect if you study in Valrose


So what about the other neighborhoods?

Are they that bad? No, but this is probably not the place where you would find the best of Nice.  


The whole of Cimiez or Mont Boron is absolutely magnificent. But unless you're a married attorney in your late fourties or you have large pockets, that's probably not the place to look for your crib.


The areas around Fabron and Madeleine may be practical if you are studying or working in this area. However, they are not very well connected to the center and, to be honest, the quality of housing is not the best. Pasteur should be avoided.