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  • I could not find availabilities on your website, what should I do?
    If you wish to move in in a few months don’t worry, we typically get good visibility on availabilities 2-3 months an advance. Just drop us an email to specifying your ideal move in date. We will add you to the waiting list and inform you of future availabilities.
  • I need to cancel a booking, is it possible?
    You can cancel a booking until 1 month before your move in date. If you would like to cancel with less than one month notice you will still be liable for paying the 1st month. If you have booked through an external website like Studapart or Housinganywhere, you should check with them if you are eligible to a refund of any fee potentially paid.
  • What types of documents do you require to book a room?
    During the application process, we will ask you to transfer ceertain documents to conduct a background check. These may include but are not limited to: government ID, employment/student status, tax returns, personal guarantors, etc. After the reception of these documents, we will review them and respond asap. In certain cases, we will require the subscription of an external guarantee such as Visale or a specific insurance. Once approved, you will receive ​a link to view and sign your tenancy agreement which you can do online.
  • What is included in my bedroom?
    All our rooms are furnsihed and decorated. This means that you will systematically find a double bed (most of the time 140x200cm, sometimes 120x200cm), a night table, shelves, storage, a desk with chair, lamps and decoration such as paintings, photos etc. Sometimes, bigger rooms will also have their own couch or armchair and additional furniture. Blankets and pillows are provided. However, you should bring your own towels and bedding.
  • Is there parking with the accommodation?
    No, our apartments do not have parking.
  • I have booked a room through an external website (e.g. Studapart, or Housinganywhere). What are the next steps?
    After completing your booking on a partner website, you will need to sign the tenancy agreement and prepare for check-in. You will receive a link from "Rentila" which is the external provider we use for electronic certification. Please see below the next steps: 1. Log into your Rentila space by following the link received in your inbox 2. Review and sign the tenancy agreement on Rentila 3. Upload your insurance certificate and enter you IBAN (which will be used for refunding your deposit) 4. Pay the 1st-month rent, the deposit, the check-in and inventory fee (3 transfers) 5. Our staff will contact you to organise the check-in, which is possible from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. For more information, please follow the instructions in the video below to view and sign your tenancy agreement, and to prepare your check-in (English version) English version French version Italian version
  • What do I need to bring?
    All out apartments are fully furnished and equipped, including hairdryers, iron, kitchenware, blankets, pillows etc. The only things you should bring are towels and beddings.
  • Do I have to pay any agency fee?
    When you rent a room with Nice Room directly via our website there are no agency fees. There is only a €100 one-off fee to cover check-in, check-out and inventory costs. However, if you book the room through other platforms such as Studapart or Housinganywhere they might apply their own fees.
  • Can I check-in or check-out anytime?
    Check-ins and check-outs are possible from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm (except for holiday days). In case you absolutely need to check-in later than 6pm or during weekends, we recommend to inform us in advance so that we can check wether we can accommodate the request (on a best effort basis).
  • I have booked through an external platform (e.g. Studapart, Housinganywhere). Do I still have to pay the first month?
    If you have booked through and external platform you have normally already paid the first month at the time of the booking. In that case, you will only have to pay the deposit and the check-in fee before you move in. The platform will normally hold the 1st month rent until you move in, and they will transfer it to us immediately afterwards.
  • Are there things I should bear in mind after my check-in?
    We suggest that you refer to your tenancy agreement for the details about your tenancy. However, please find below a short recap of the things you should bear in mind: 1. You can terminate your tenancy by handing a 1-month notice 2. All correspondence must be submitted through the Rentila messaging service or by writing to 3. You are individually liable for paying the rent of your room, but we will never ask you to pay the rent of another flatmate (no joint liability) 4. You are individually liable for damages caused to your room, including to the furniture 5. You are jointly liable with your flatmates for damages caused to any of the shared areas and equipment (regardless of who caused the damage) 6. You agree that maintenance and repair costs will be split in accordance with principles set in Appendix C of your tenancy agreement
  • Can I make changes to my bedroom?
    You can do pretty much what you want in your room as long as you do not damage walls, floors or other surfaces and return your bedroom to the state in which you found it. However, we suggest you don't holes in the walls as this will often entail fixing and repainting the wall at the end of your stay.
  • Can I terminate my lease before the contractual term?
    You can send us an email to request to terminate your lease. When possible, but this is completely subject to our lease terms, we try to be as flexible. In France, you can terminate your lease by handing a 1-month notice. In Italy, you can terminate your lease by handing a 2-month notice.
  • Can I invite friends or family to stay over?
    Yes, for limited periods as long as your housemates are informed and agree. Use your discretion, we are flexible but external guests could create disturbance to your other housemates. If they are cool with it we are.
  • Is it possible to move across apartments?
    Yes, as long as there is a free room. You can apply for a new room directly through the website. In case you decide to move, you will need to sign a new lease for the new room and have your home insurance duly updated (for whihc you can contact your insurance company). Your deposit can be in most cases carried over to the new tenancy.
  • May I smoke?
    No, our apartments are strictly smoke free areas.
  • May I bring a pet?
    As much as we love pets, we don't allow pets in the apartments for the simple fact that your current (or future) housemates might not be cool with it.
  • Are couples allowed?
    No, we unfortunately all our rooms are for single occupancy only. In case your girlfriend or boyfriend would like to come over and spend a few days we are cool with it as long as all other housemates have been informed and they are also ok.
  • How can I pay rent?
    Rent should be paid by bank transfer to the account reported on the first page of your tenancy agreement. In order to avoid delays, we ask our tenants to set up a direct debit before check-in.
  • I will check-out soon. What should I do?
    1. You need to agree a check-out slot with the property manager (from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.) 2. After check-out, your deposit will be refunded to the account that you have entered in your Rentila profile 3. The refund will be made within 1 month, except if: a. potential damages identified during the exit inventory require obtaining quotes from qualified professionals. In this case the refund will occur within 2 months b. the estimated residual balance relating to electricity consumption exceeds 20% of the deposit. In this case the landlord will inform you within a month from check-out, and the refund will in any case occur within 2 months from check-out.
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